Terms and conditions


Payments are made to France STAY, no payment should be given to the host family directly.

The methods of payment ;
- by bank transfer

LCL : le Crédit Lyonnais
Bank 30002 Code 00521 Account number 0000009564E 
Key Rib 71 Domiciliation CL Paris Italie (00461)
Account holder FRANCE STAY
IBAN FR69 3000 2005 2100 0000 9564 E71




The bank charges, for the customers not belonging to the European Community are in charge of the customer and not in charge of FRANCE STAY

For any family search, you will be charged 100 euros for the search file.

Attention! These fees will not be returned in case of cancellation



The students or hosted persons have to take an Insurance before the departure of their Country for France, and this, for the duration of their stay (disease, civil liability, luggage and personal objects, repatriation etc...).
In short: Any student or guest must be insured and be able to provide proof of insurance.
- In any case, insurance or not insurance :
 for any breakage or loss of keys (for example), the student or the guest will have to reimburse his host family for the inconvenience suffered.
France STAY reserves the right to ask for proof of this insurance.
France STAY and the host family are not responsible for any theft or damage suffered by the student.
Extended stays due to hospitalization or illness are at the client's expense.
The families whose details are provided by France STAY belong to the France STAY file.
In case of NON RESPECT of this obligation, France STAY reserves the right to prosecute.
You have subscribed to a contract with dates and formulas of stay:
These dates cannot be changed, without generating the subscription of a new contract.
All financial questions will be settled directly with France STAY.
- It is forbidden to take an accommodation directly with one of the families in the France STAY file (for an extension or even a return to other periods) under penalty of prosecution.
a) Contract cancellation - The student is committed for a period determined in advance (week, month, quarter or semester) which cannot be broken or only in the following cases
- Death of a relative. serious illness generating a return to the country.
Note: Stays started at a later date than the one foreseen at the time of the reservation, or interrupted before the end of the stay, remain due in their totality.
Meals not taken will not be replaced or refunded.
Cancellation at :
Less than 1 week before the beginning of the stay: 70 % of the stay is retained
Between 1 and 3 weeks before the beginning of the stay : 50 % of the stay is retained
Between 3 and 4 weeks before the beginning of the stay: 20 % of the stay is retained
After several weeks or months of living with the host family, if the student wishes to leave before the date of the contract: The deposit will not be returned.
b) Breach of contract - Both parties (family/student) can terminate their commitment at any time, with a 2 months notice; but of course, for valid, justified reasons, such as health, justified obligation to return to your Country: (work, death of a relative...), incompatibility of life in the selected host family (to be proven), especially if the student has already lived several months in his host family.
If the student wishes, FRANCE STAY commits itself to find a family for the student as long as the student's conduct has proven that the rules have been respected.
Otherwise, FRANCE STAY reserves the right to refuse to find another family for the student.
c) Extension of stay : Students wishing to extend their stay must inform France STAY at least 3 weeks in advance.
d) Leave: If you decide to go on vacation for a few days or weeks, no refund will be made.
     For long stays, the rate charged is a monthly package: therefore all absences for school vacations are already included in the monthly package.
e) Complaints: If you have a complaint to make, you must come back to France STAY to make it during your stay. France STAY will take the necessary measures according to the nature of the dispute.